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My company

Produces clothes for premature and low birth weight babies that need to be cared for in incubators and from the moment they no longer need any equipment.

I design and produce a collection that has been specially researched and developed for baby’s wellbeing and which facilitates the work of the medical corps in neonatal care, enabling parents to bond with their babies more quickly.


The clothes have been designed with Mrs Fonzé who is in charge of the neonatal unit at the Regional Hospital of Namur.



My special collection for maternity wards has been created taking the NIDCAP study into account.

This study advocates for:

- The baby’s welfare and the parents’ involvement, with the support of the nurses for the baby’s care and wellbeing. The kangaroo or the skin-to-skin method contributes to the baby’s feeling of security and his/her growth.

- A reduction of harmful stimuli: in fact the baby’s rhythm must be respected as much as possible. If necessary baby must be awoken gently by placing one’s hands on him/her without any caressing, by handling him/her gently and taking the time to allow baby to fall asleep again. If baby is exposed to fewer sudden movements his/her sleep will be of a better quality and he/she will tire less and breathe better. Sleep is vital for baby’s growth.

 - A reduction in light intensity (covered incubators).

- A reduction of physical noise.

- Regrouping baby’s treatments (limiting painful procedures).

- Strategies to help baby develop in the right way (natural curved posture, postural support).

- Painless sensory stimulation (touch, massage, rocking, talking).

- Non-nutritive sucking.

It is recommended that baby be swaddled in a blanket or dressed if baby’s condition allows it.

Garments must be made from hypoallergenic fabric that is soft to the touch; this is why I chose to work with organic cotton.

They must swathe and cocoon baby, to reassure and make baby feel secure.

When clothed a premature baby looks more like a baby. This allows parents to bond with their child.


The entire collection is produced from organic fabrics that are Oeko-Tex certified.

The collection is incredibly soft and bright and colourful.

You can choose the colour and the bias trim.

Your order is dispatched extremely quickly.

You can place your order either through my website, or by telephone


Five guarantees

logo oeko.tex

Hight quality items,
Items that have been carrefully selected, labelled and which are eco-friendly, (e.g. Dyes that do not contain any heavy metals),

Complete transparency and disclosure of all information concerning the materials used,
Response to all requests for information as quickly as possible,
Use of recycled paper for packaging as well as supporting materials.


Why use organic cotton?

biological coton

Because it is softer against baby’s skin.
Because it doesn’t present any risk of allergic reaction.
Because it is best for nature.
Because organic cotton preserves the health of farmers and people living in the surrounding area.



The garments are tailor-made by E.T.A. certified Belgian sheltered workshops (Les Ateliers du 94 and Adapta).

The clothes are prepared in a clean room.

Washed at 40°, dried and packaged free of dust and germs.

All in an ISO 8 Classified clean room and in ISO 7 Classified packaging.


Cushions: natural padding:

All cushions support your baby is a choice between 4 types of natural padding.

Discover their benefits and features:




Kapok is an airy vegetable fiber with insulating properties.

It is rot-proof and waterproof.

It combats sweat, fungi.

It repels mites, insects.





Contains silicic acid that is known for having a beneficial effect on the organs.

It strengthens the immune system. It is important for the skin and hair.

It has a calming effect.

It can be heated to soothe babies.

Our grandmothers used it when putting their children to bed.




It allows air to circulate and diffuses a gentle heat.

It can be heated like a hot water bottle.

It calms pains.

It contributes to better sleep.

It is soft and smooth.

It fits the body contours.

It provides optimal comfort.

It stimulates blood circulation.





Is rich in minerals, vitamins (B1, B2, A and C) and silicic acid.

It is healthy, airy and breathable and it regulates temperature.

It has a light, smooth and incredibly soft feel.

It smells lovely.

Once the head of your baby is comfortably positioned, it will be maintained without sagging.

It offers a very pleasant feel and great stability without noise or rustling.

It stays very fresh.